Sorry, your browser doesn't suppor Java. This film was probably Jackson's most successful film, and can be considered a 'U' turn in his filmography. He moves away from his usual genre of gore, and takes on a dramatic account of a real life relationship between two girls with murderous results. It's a story of teenage angst, friendship, obsession and murder.

Heavenly Creatures is based on a true story that happened in Christchurch in the1950's. The case shocked the world.
The script was written partially because of his wife's curiosity surrounding the Parker-Hulme case, and involved a year of extensive research. He interviewed many people involved or related to the case to find out what exactly happened, but it is important to note that he had no contact with Juliet Hulme (who has now been 'outed' as crime novelist Anne Perry) or Pauline Parker (Rieper).

Jackson's perfectionist attitude drove him to film at all of the authentic locations, except the Rieper home, which had been demolished, and the actual murder scene (which was filmed about 100 yards away). He ensures the accuracy of most of the events and dialogue by pulling information directly out of Pauline's diary (the diary entries in the form of voice-overs were genuine).

Again Jackson makes a cameo appearance, as the bum outside the cinema who gets kissed by Juliet (Kate Winslet). 

The film stars two newcomers, Kate Winslet (Sense and Sensibility, Titanic) plays Juliet and Melanie Lynskey (Ever After) plays Pauline, from the moment they meet in 1950's New Zealand. Unhappy with their lives, the girls withdraw deep into a bizarre fantasy world of their joint creation. But when faced with a devastating separation, the now notorious pair plot a horrifying and violent solution to stay together. Stellar performances and psychological intrigue makes this Oscar nominated film a provocative entertainment experience!

If you don't wan't to view the Heavenly Creatures FAQ online, you can download it in a ZIP file by clicking HERE